12 Oct 2019
Constructive meetings with ABC Chair Ita Buttrose & Canberra

SABAP's full delegation met with ABC Chair Ita Buttrose this week and was pleased that she is enthusiastic about seeing the ABC do better in the Asia Pacific region. It is an issue that will be before the full ABC board this month and getting a higher profile in the lead-up to the 80th anniversary of Radio Australia in November. Ita will also be giving the keynote address at the Lowy media lecture 19th October.

Our delegation came away from this and other smaller meetings in Canberra confident that we will be seeing new initiatives in the region soon. These are likely to be small first steps that might build better foundations for our pitch for a longer term much bigger revitalisation of the Australian media presence in Asia and the Pacific..

SABAP is aiming to build support for a sustainable bi-partisan major new multi-platform media initiative in the region based around partenerships between Australian and regional media. We see joint-content creation as the key to exciting new two-way conversations that see Australians talking 'with' not 'to' the region. Opportunities for the involvement of all Australian media, especially media involving Australia's Asia Pacific diaspora communities, will add diversity, creativity and long-term durability to new initiatives in the region.

Meeting with ABC Chair Jemima Garrett, Co-convenor of SABAP; ex-ABC Pacific correspondent & reporter Ita Buttrose, ABC Chair Bruce Dover, ex-News Ltd lead in China, ex-CNN and ABC correspondent Ian MacIntosh, ex-CNN, ex-ABC correspondent Malcolm Long, former SBS MD, former ABC Dep MD Kean Wong, freelance journalist and correspondent in SE Asia for many outlets
31 July 2019
Outcome of SABAP meeting with the Coalition

Australia's Minister for International Development and the Pacific is in Tuvalu today. Before he left, Supporters of Australian broadcasting in Asia and the Pacific (SABAP) met both Minister Hawke and new Coalition MP and former diplomat in PNG, Dave Sharma, for what turned out to be very constructive talks.

It is great to see the Coalition keen to listen to the region and to those in Australia with longstanding connections to the region. We talked about the urgent need for a deeper conversation with the Pacific and the role media could play. Mr Hawke was interested in the idea of joint content creation by Australian and Pacific media as a pathway to a richer conversations and equal partnerships.

Professional development for Pacific media was also raised. Dave Sharma is another potentially positive force for the Pacific with plenty of ideas for stronger relations. SABAP's delegation (Jemima Garrett, Malcolm Long, Bruce Dover and, for the Sharma meeting, Kean Wong) stressed the need for a strong media component to Australia's Step Up in the region. SABAP will also be talking with other Ministers and MPs and with media organisations in all sectors in Australia.

We are particularly keen to hear from Pacific media organisations interested in new partnerships. Time to think big about new possibilities. Please get in touch.

Above: Malcom Long, Bruce Dover, Jemima Garrett & Dave Sharma Below: Enele Sopoaga and Alex Hawke